NI 51 - UK fuel price lottery

Post date: 20-Mar-2017 15:25:55

Some Britain's are paying up to £220 a year more to fill-up their cars than others!

Despite a Conservative governments seventh consecutive year of freezing fuel duty the price we pay at the pump across the UK can unjustifiably vary considerably by 20p per litre over the last 12 months. Argyll in Scotland have paid the most for fuel with petrol at 125.9 pence per litre for petrol with diesel at 125.1 pence compared to Tilbury in Essex with charges of 103.9p for petrol and 104.0p for diesel.

If you cover the national average mileage of 9,101 miles a year at 40mpg then Argyll spend for the year would have been £1,300 in 2016 compared to just £1,074 in Tilbury, Essex.

The overall fuel price trend for 2016 showed fuel charges rising with petrol going from 102p per litre to 115p and diesel racing away from 102p per litre to 117p by December 2016.

Goodness knows what any Labour government would be charging us now with their incessant tax increases on many things (robbing Peter and Patel to pay themselves or Paul) but especially on our car fuel which is a necessity and certainly not a luxury for many years now. I remember in July 2007 the cheapest diesel I could find in Devon between the Newton Abbott-Torquay-Totnes triangle was 157.8p per litre which was absolutely criminal with it costing a £100 to fill a Mondeo fuel tank 10 years ago! The fuel cost of that summer holiday with towing a caravan I could have flown across the world with accommodation for no more if not less than.

Let us not mention the illegal tax on our fuel but I will!

VAT is charged on the fuel tax already applied to the fuel purchase price before VAT is then applied on that total. It is clearly illegal to tax an earlier tax levied but nothing has been done to correct this hideous theft of our income to the treasury pockets. The oil companies are not greedy at all compared to governments taxes levied on fuel across Europe especially compared to the light taxation of car fuel in North America where they can buy a gallon for for a fraction of what we pay for some litres.

NB: Richard Branson was urged years ago to take this into a court but he and others are not interested to use their power or position for the greater good of all unless they feel it may impact their deep pockets. They only chose to get together with politicians to subvert the will of a nations population when disagreeing over other issues such as the EU referendum where they feel it will have a personal impact upon their interests. The VAT requires tidying-up and nothing has been viewed clearly stating this has yet been done but apologies to the treasury if it has by now done so.

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