News Item 13 - SHOCK! 21,000 new drivers banned for not having insurance

Post date: 14-Jan-2015 11:42:50

DVLA data has revealed this very worrying trend. Over 40,000 new drivers have been banned during 2010-2014 with over 50% of these being for driving with no insurance and not for dangerous driving through their inexperience or incompetence. Cost cutting to save on the insurance will earn a driver 6 penalty points which is enough to automatically revoke their licence in their first 2 years on the road.

Around 10,000 newly qualified drivers are banned each year but 21,148 of the 40,481 total since June 2010 had licences revoked due to driving uninsured according to data from from the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

AA President Edmund King has warned: "There is still a hardcore of drivers who are uninsured - usually young men who often have a string of offences to their names and may not even have a licence."

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