News item 4 - Automated Cams go live

Post date: 19-Mar-2014 17:38:37

Automated CCTV cameras to fine motorists straddling yellow boxes or making illegal turns have been installed for the first time. At present, fines can only be issued when a camera operator views the offence, either live or recorded. But the new technology using automatic number plate recognition is being trialled in 4 locations in Redbridge, and allows fines to be issued by computer.

The Videalert system is similar to the one used in catching motorists driving illegally in bus lanes. Motoring groups such as the AA and RAC have criticised the latest move over fears it's intended to generate revenue rather than deter bad driver habits, although I have to say there is nothing like getting hit in the pocket to make sure someone learns quickly and to make them think twice about ever doing it again!

Redbridge council defended the trial, however, and said the cameras were not there to raise cash but to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. I would give this the benefit of any doubt and support or how else is one going to enforce and improve driving standards at potential accident prone areas?

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