NI 17 - New Speed "Stealth" Cameras Come into Action

Post date: 03-Feb-2015 13:17:53

New cameras have already been deployed on our highways. 'SMART' speed cameras are being installed on gantries across significant parts of our motorway network to enforce the 70mph speed limit. These smart cameras are already in use on the M25 to enforce 70mph, please not these are not the usual bright yellow but grey.

These digital cameras use front and rear-facing detectors to calculate speeds and can scan all lanes with no difficulty. They will be installed across areas of the M1, M6 and M60 and may well be extended in the future as such schemes always are.

Organisations have criticised the move as another method to fine drivers who stray marginally over the limit instead of being a genuine way to improve road safety.

My comment? Seriously consider putting the cars speed limit up to 80mph on the motorways only, which I would anticipate would overnight make the vast majority of drivers legal in their speed. Then use this technology to actually hammer that much smaller proportion of drivers driving stupidly over it who have no excuse to do so.

A good law has nearly all people working with and within it. A bad law places to high a proportion of its citiziens outside of it which makes it far, far more difficult to enforce hence that law becomes eventually unworkable and by that process then not enforced at all or properly! Please feel free to disagree, this paragraph is my views only and do not represent any motoring organisation or RoSPA.

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