Events attended or taken part-in by the Leicestershire RoSPA Advanced Drivers group.

MORGAN MOTOR COMPANY: The members who accepted the invitation to attend a tour of the Morgan Motor Company (based in Malvern, Worcesershire) experienced a truly wonderful and inspiring day. After a 35 minute talk by a Morgan representative assisted by background audio video followed by a short questions and answers session we were taken around the numerous sections of the large car factory. We viewed at very close quarter all the stages of building a motor vehicle from start to finish. Throughout we were invited to ask questions and were given full, detailed responses by our guide and by the employees carrying out the work in-hand. The factory tour was 2 hours then we could browse at our leisure its museum and current model range before taking refreshments and departing.

It was enlightening, refreshing and quite awesome to see how traditional methods of coachman crafts come together with modern technology. To see these highly skilled craftsmen at work as they hand make the various bespoke sports cars is a privilege, we would recommend the tour to everyone whether interested in motoring or not. Traditional car manufacturing combined with exciting cutting edge technology with the good grace and humour of its long serving staff created a very informative and relaxed enjoyable tour like no other!

Click on the image below to view pictures from our Leicestershire Branch Morgan Factory Tour.

Morgan Motor Company

JLR Visit BHam

The group have attended Jaguar Cars in Birmingham to be introduced to the company, its history and heritage and where its future lay. We were taken through the complete production of the F-Type sports coupe seeing every stage of production and preparation for an approved build to be sent out to the dealer network. This included the very impressive and rapid car panels pressings with constant intense quality verification to numerous man and robotic shell wielding and electrical's all coming together in the precise teamwork build stages. A wonderful feat of engineering precision with the highest technology production and commerce coming together in the heart of the Midlands. No factory photographs were allowed due to production secrecy from other makers.

Other Activities

The group has held public displays and meetings to encourage improved driving skills to help the individuals and all on the road and to assist RoSPA in advancing the regional driver centres and links.

If you know of anyone interested within Leicestershire, or Coventry area, do get them in touch with us. Thank you.