Leicestershire RoSPA Advanced Driver tuition to be enjoyed


Assisting you with your professional or personal driving skills, organising meaningful training and refresher tuition to enhance and continue your membership level, providing information & support activities, social gatherings. Be a part of it to maximise your membership.

The committee will renew its members annual membership FREE of charge for autumn 2020 to 2021 where members have filled-in and posted back the invite sent to them, confirming their current contact details.

NEWS: Uninsured Driver Crisis

Law cracking down on culprits A crackdown on uninsured drivers has seen total fines hit £5 million in 2 years, according to the Motor Insurers' Bureau.

The rise is due to the introduction of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement. This states that cars must be insured even if they are not being driven, or declared off the road.

Since this was put in place, police have been seizing as many as 2,500 cars a week! Owners have 14 days to reclaim a seized vehicle, and must be able to prove that the car is theirs, they can pay the recovery fee and have valid insurance. If not, the car can be crushed or sold at auction by the police force that seized it.

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Here to maximise Leicestershire RoSPA activities for the benefit of all regional members

It is a safe, thoughtful and methodical way of driving. Advanced drivers are more observant and better at anticipating changes in the surrounding conditions. Because of this they are able to plan their driving to deal with any circumstances.

Advanced Driving is based upon the 'System of car control' as detailed in 'Roadcraft – The Police Driver Handbook'. It is unlikely that anyone will gain a high grade without a good knowledge of the current editions of The Highway Code and Roadcraft.

Reduce the risk of having a crash - Advanced drivers and riders have been proven less likely to be involved in a road traffic incident!

Access to exclusive RoADAR benefits - We have a range of benefits for members who pass our test, including insurance discounts.

Your Friendly & Helpful Committee

PAUL HOLLINGSWORTH, Chairman & Tutor: Having passed my RoSPA test I joined the group in 1989 and was co-opted onto the committee. I am a member of the IAM and a Member of the High Performance Club (HPC). I also instruct on roadcraft/skid control and precision driving.

SUE JOHNSON, Group Secretary: I joined RoSPA as an associate in 1988 and volunteered to become Group Secretary in 1989 when the group was looking to gain new momentum. I achieved a silver grade in 1990 and again in 1994. I achieved gold in 1998 and acted as an observer for the group for a few years. But I haven’t kept up my training and my only activity within the group now is as secretary, supporting our dedicated volunteers who give their time and expertise to help our current associates to improve their standard of driving and road safety.

BOB PAUL Tutor: I have been a member of RoSPA since 1998. Over my lifetime I have driven a variety of vehicles not always to a high standard so in 1998 I started with RoSPA to improve my driving standard. After passing the Advanced Driving Test I wanted to put something back and I eventually became an Observer for the Leicester Group and have been pleased with new members that have advanced under my guidance.

GARY DAVIS Vice Chair & Tutor: I qualified with RoSPA in 2011 having intended for over 20 years to take advanced tuition and qualify as an advanced driver (due to the enjoyment I have always had from driving) but failed to do so and get off my backside until a challenge was made that was happily accepted. I highly recommend you do the same. I am the new blood on the committee having joined at the 2012 AGM. My aim is to be helpful and supportive, to bring a new fresh perspective to the group and to use my graphic design skills (BA Hons, MCSD - self employed all my life) to assist the group and RoSPA in their important activities and services via website created etc.


ALEX PIDDOCK, Treasurer & Advanced Tutor: I became interested in advanced driving back in 1978; I located a driving school who prepared me for the Institute of Advanced Motorist test, of which I gained a pass. Some years later I took a refresher test and the examiner recommended that I take further tuition as my standards had dropped somewhat. It was then that I discovered the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and joined the local group: what appealed were the graded pass levels and the requirement to have your standards checked at regular intervals, (3 years) by an approved examiner. I took the test and gained silver; I have since taken 7 tests. I eventually became an observer and have been involved, and teaching since 1994.
FRED PALMER Senior Tutor: I have been an Advanced Driver for 32 years, therefore, driving to a high standard is important to me. Taking pride and satisfaction in driving and raid safety is important to us all. Our RoSPA advanced driving group will help maintain and enhance personal skills and the enjoyment of driving so do please come on-board to advance your abilities within a group that provides great personal support and assistance.
TONY MOORE: Like many, I thought my driving was "better than average” but was able to put that belief to the test with the Cheltenham & Gloucester IAM Group. My observer was also a RoSPA member and, after helping me to the IAM test in Feb 1984, he prepared my for the RoSPA test in the May. I got a Silver on that occasion – and the next 2 refreshers - but my last 8 retests have been Gold. Now retired, I have more time to devote to advanced driving; I also am on the Committee of the local IAM Group, an IAM National Observer and recently passed the IAM Masters test.
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