NI 50 - English councils grab £756 Million in parking profits!

Post date: 20-Mar-2017 14:46:23

The RAC Foundation has revealed that in 2015-16 English councils raked in a record profit of £756,000,000 from parking charges so it is fast approaching £1 Billion!

This surplus is calculated by taking the income from parking charges plus penalty notices and deducting all running costs. For the last year we have, the figures show a 9% increase over 2014-15 which brought £693 Million in and the profit has actually increased by 34% from 2011-12. Very few authorities do not make a large surplus from its parking charges with only 14% (49) English councils reporting any loss.

Don't pay for parking, become aware and park where free on the roadside for this may only add 1 to 4 minutes walking from the over priced car parks you may have used up until now.

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