NI 18 - Biggest Motoring Annoyance?

Post date: 03-Feb-2015 14:53:45

Motorists not saying thank you is the biggest gripe for drivers in the UK during 2014.

In a survey by Mark Hall for the lack of courtesy topped the annoyance table ahead of motorists going too slowly in the middle lane (we've all seen that one) and using mobile phone (as their cars no doubt wander in any direction).

There were some unusual ones as well!

One driver said their biggest annoyance was cars with personalised number plates (that one of my cars in trouble then)

and another complained

about 'baby on board' signs, (I have some sympathy with that as there are a plethora of childrens signs about their 'little princess on board' blocking up their rear view and awareness). The roads are already polluted with excessive signage from various authorities that are not just traffic.

The biggest question we have to ask is if road etiquette in the UK is now dead?


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