NI 23 - MOT Ultrasound engine inspection to verify mileage

Post date: 11-Sep-2015 10:17:49

Tacho-Spion (Speedo-Spy) scans engines with ultrasound to verify a vehicles claimed mileage reading which could help in the battle to stop people clocking to increase the sale value of the vehicle in the UK and across Europe. EU legislation demands that a digital record of every cars history on the road must be held on a national database by 2017 and at the same time mileage correction companies will be outlawed across the continent.

This technology developed in Germany (Is this why it is being looked to be rolled-out across Europe? Makes a change from tanks! Apologies for the Clarkson commentary here but I just couldn't help myself. Send all complaints to the BBC -Bring Back Clarkson- somewhere in London or Chipping Norton, UK.) uses ultrasound to assess the wear and tear of the engine to check against the claimed mileage counter. Taking only a few minutes to carry out (I would anticipate that as perhaps meaning 4-8 minutes as a guess) it is claimed to give an accuracy of 5 - 10% if you can claim a 10% margin as accurate? The Speedo-Spy is already in use in Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium and Ireland.

It is estimated half a million cars in the UK have been clocked with second hand car buyers being stolen from in the dishonest sales of such cars with false and untrue histories that may hide important work not carried out and expensive unexpected bills about to befall the new owners due to this serious fraud.

It is admitted that if a car is not serviced correctly or has extreme wear and tear the ultrasound test will give a higher mileage than the car has actually covered. Whilst it has not been clocked you can argue that improper maintenance and care of the car is picked-up and that it warns the authorities, though perhaps not importantly the new intended purchaser of the cars true condition unless the MOT centre then writes a higher mileage or poorer condition note upon its certificate? This way they can safely walk away or negotiate a fairer price for its truer condition if happy to continue with whoever.

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