NI 58 - Further Councils declare total failure in reducing deaths and accidents by reducing 30mph zones to 20mph - a very clear pattern is emerging at huge cost and waste to tax payers money

Post date: 15-Jan-2018 16:00:00

A recent trial in the UK to reduce accident rates by lowering speed limits from 30mph to 20mph in built-up areas backfire based upon figures released in December 2017

Bath and North East Somerset Council have spent £871,000 converting to these lower 20mph zones only for the statistics to show that the rate of people killed or seriously injured went up in seven out of the 13 areas created in the 12 months from when they were installed.

This unwelcome and unexpected increase was blamed on pedestrians being 'less diligent' when crossing the roads.

Sources: Motoring magazines and the Mail

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