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By becoming a member you not only open the door to a range of important benefits to support you and your organisation, but you also make a vital contribution to furthering RoSPA's work, helping to reduce the tragic scourge of accidents.

Road Safety - Advice, Information & Resources

Road Safety at RoSPA is proud that Great Britain now enjoys one of the best road safety records in the world - but with around six people still dying on Britain’s roads every day there is much more to be done.

Please feel free to contact us as you require, we are here to help and encourage.

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Please telephone our Group Secretary Sue Johnson on 07764 814008 or use the email link below.

We will then handle your enquiry as soon as possible with a suitable member of the group responding to your request.

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Need a Refresher Drive?

happy smiling driver having advanced driver refresher drive

Is your new driver test due shortly and you wish to have a driving session with one of our group training tutors as a refresher in preparation for it to help ensure your continued future success as an advanced driver? If so please contact us now confirming when your new test is due and who is your current previous tutor and advisor. We will then make contact with you to assist you with this. You can use this email link to provide us with your details and request, Thank you.

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