News item 2 - Careless Driving Legislation

Post date: 15-Apr-2012 12:24:54


New powers come into force that could lead to millions of fines being handed out to motorists by police for committing driving offences they did not know existed. Under the new offence of 'careless driving', motorway drivers hogging the middle and outside lanes, and those who tailgate, could be slapped with on-the-spot fines of £100 and three penalty points on their licences. Up until now police have had to pursue offenders through the courts.

According to a survey carried out by Populas on behalf of the AA, 29 per cent of drivers - about 12 million - are at risk of falling foul of the new legislation.

They admit to hogging the middle lane of the motorway on a regular basis. And roughly 40 per cent of younger drivers fall into this category, admitting they stay in the middle lane in free flowing traffic because they incorrectly believe it to be the 'cruising lane'. Under the Highway Code, both the middle and outside lane are designed for overtaking only. In future, those caught lane hogging, tailgating or talking on the mobile phone when driving will have to fork out £100, instead of the £60 fine faced up to now.

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