NI 41 - 'Excuse me ma'm' said the traffic officer

Post date: 16-Sep-2016 17:06:40

Police stop a car doing 20mph on the motorway and discover two little old ladies, one driving and one sitting in the passenger seat looking shaken and white as a sheet.“Now madam why were you going so slowly?” The driver replied, “I always go at the speed that it says on the sign” explained the old woman. “And what sign was that madam?” asked the policeman fighting hard to keep a little smirk from his face. “It said M20”. “So I did 20 miles per hour, the same way I did 31 miles an hour on the A.31, then 40 on the A.40”. “I see the problem now, but what is wrong with your friend? She was still staring blankly into space. “ Oh you will not get any sense out of her”, says the driver, “she has been like that ever since we came off the A.159!!! Joke text courtesy of Norwich group. Added graphic support by us. Now off to the tower...!

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a dear old lady driver