NI 35 - Scrap 80% of UK Traffic Lights?

Post date: 03-Feb-2016 15:30:03

A new study from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has found that approximately 80% of all traffic lights should be removed and replaced by filter-in-turn or all-way give way layouts at junctions to save the UK economy £16 billion every year. Traffic signals since 200o have increased by a staggering 25% and are causing huge unnecessary delays to every vehicle trip which is also impacting on pollution levels and air quality, especially in large built up areas.

Cities in the Netherlands and Germany have already successfully ditched 80% of traffic lights and the IEA believes that the UK would have similar benefits.

The report clearly states that "The effect of these measures puts an enormous burden on the UK economy. It also imposes huge costs on road users, taxpayers and communities."

The IEA also recommends many bus lanes (M4 please!!), cycle lanes, speed cameras and parking restrictions should also go.

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