Post date: 30-Oct-2015 13:16:50

New study shows drivers are slamming on the brakes to avoid tickets

Dangerous braking “black spots” are being created by fixed speed cameras as motorists try to slow down and avoid a ticket, according to new research.

The study by driver data firm Wunelli found incidents of this hard braking were on average six times more likely to take place just before speed cameras – and up to 11 times as likely at some sites.

It said speed cameras are encouraging “poor driver behaviour” after analysing data over a billion miles to produce a top 10 of the worst areas near speed cameras in the UK.

Wunelli defined a “hard braking event” as a change in speed of 6.5mph or more over one second – enough to move a bag on the passenger seat into the footwell.

Paul Stacy, Wunelli founding director, said: “I’m not in favour of speeding and not averse to speed cameras. But these findings really put into question the value of speed cameras as a road safety tool. Instead they appear to encourage poor driving behaviour. After hard braking, drivers often speed up again. Questions must be asked about the long term effectiveness of these cameras.”