NI 30 - Speed cameras hidden in tractors criticised

Post date: 14-Nov-2015 17:12:55

The use of speed cameras hidden in roadside tractors has been criticised by a motoring group.

police speed camera hidden in tractor

Police have been seen monitoring drivers' and bikers' speeds from agricultural vehicles in East Yorkshire

Horse box speed camera also in use in East Yorkshire by Police

Humberside Police said the tactic was aimed at catching motorcyclists and drivers travelling "at very high speed" on rural roads in East Yorkshire.

The approach appears to be at odds with Department for Transport guidelines saying speed cameras should be visible.

"Speeding is a factor in many accidents but hiding speed cameras is not the answer," the RAC's Simon Williams said.

'High-end offenders'

He said: "Speed cameras, painted yellow, are used at accident blackspots as a highly effective way of getting motorists to slow down."

Officers have recently been photographed inside agricultural vehicles parked at the roadside on the B1253.

Insp Mark Hughes from Humberside Police Road Policing said: "At the moment Humberside Police are conducting Operation Kansas in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

"This operation... is concerned with 'high-end' speeding offenders in the East Riding, deploying speed cameras which are located in a variety of stationary vehicles.

"Although the majority of offenders are motorcycles, a number of cars are also dealt with on this operation.

"We regularly record speeds in the high 90s and over 100 mph, these being on country roads where the national speed limit of 60mph is in force."

The National Police Chiefs Council said: "While speed enforcement will usually be conducted overtly to add to the deterrent effect, sometimes less overt tactics will be required to address specific problem which are causing casualties."

Sir Greg Knight, the Conservative MP for East Yorkshire, said: "I am concerned to learn that Humberside Police are not following Department for Transport guidelines which say that vehicles from which mobile speed cameras are deployed should be clearly identifiable as an enforcement vehicle.

"I intend writing to the chief constable about this matter."

Source: BBC News

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